Is Neurocore Therapy Beneficial?

Dr. Tim Royer, former neuropsychologist discovered a remarkable way to treat mental conditions. He founded Neurocore Therapy to treat patients without medicine. Neurocore uses both biofeedback and neurofeedback to treat patients.

What is Neurocore Therapy?

This treatment is done in a quiet room with a partition. The client is instructed to sit in front of a screen and watch a movie. The patient is connected to electrodes attached to the ears and head. The headphone is placed on the patient’s ears. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

How Does Neurocore Therapy Work?

The patients breathing and heart rate are monitored and used as the bases of therapy. If the patient brain is in an unbalanced state the technology sends signals to the brain to deep breathe. This causes a chain reaction for more blood and oxygen to get to the brain.

Oxygenated Blood to the Brain

This supply causes an increase of neurons to the brain. Epinephrine is than released to the brain. The brain relaxes and is able to focus. This relaxed state is considered a balanced brain. The screen is enlarged as a reward. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

On the other hand, when the brain is not balanced the patient’s screen is decreased. The brain gets a signal to breathe deeply to increase the oxygen and blood supply. The cycle of getting the brain back to a balanced state begins again. After several sessions of treatment, the brain begins to correct its own balance without technology.

What Are Patients Saying?

Ms. Tiffany Pojeski, mother of Jackson told Fox17 that Neurocore works. Her son Jackson was unable to focus and sleep at night. She said it was as if his brain wouldn’t shut off at night so he could sleep. Needless to say, she gave him a sleeping pill to sleep at night.

Jackson participated in 40 sessions of Neurocore treatments. His mother was pleased with his miraculous recovery. Jackson was able to complete tasks with ease and sleep at night. Denise Kooiker told Fox17 that her son Landon used Neurocore treatments. He stopped biting his nails after nearly 2 years of treatment.


Learning About Samuel Strauch And His Real Estate Work

Samuel Strauch is a Principal at Metrik Real Estate, and he has an interesting job that keeps him busy. He is someone who is involved in more than just the world of real estate, investing in a variety of other businesses.

He worked at his family’s real estate business before he decided to start a business of his own. This man is someone who is well educated and who has the experience that he needs to handle the job that he has taken on.


It can be exciting for a person to have a job that allows them to do new things each day. When Samuel Strauch was asked about a typical day in his life, he shared that there is not really a typical kind of day that he lives through as each day of his life is filled with different projects to complete according to He appreciates the fact that his life is not boring and that he always has new and different jobs to complete.

When Samuel Strauch was asked about a practice that he has that he would recommend to others who would like to be successful like he is, he shared that he takes five minutes each day to remind himself of a few things. Samuel Strauch takes time to remind himself that he is lucky to be in the place that he is in and to be grateful for the life that he has been given. He also reminds himself that he needs to stay creative and curious. Finally, he takes time each day to set goals for himself, even if only mentally.


The Cost-Effective Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization and A.I.

No one can underestimate the importance of conversion rate optimization, the study and the practice of converting your web traffic into customers for your store.

However, this practice can practically speed the process of conversion (or optimizing the rate of people being converted into customers) by employing artificial intelligence.

With Sentient A.I. embracing artificial intelligence wholeheartedly, they understand how important conversion rate optimization truly is.

However, despite its mass importance across industries, what is more important are the benefits that artificial intelligence (or abbreviated A.I.) can bring to your industry.

Machine Learning

Everyone, in some way or form, starts out as someone (or in this case: something) that is not that incredibly intelligent. That is when machine learning can into play.

Machine learning is obviously about your machine (or the software itself) learning about your customer. Where do they click, where they focus more on their attention on, where do they click or tap on the most, and what are the characteristics cause people to take action?

A.I. is dedicated to conversion rate optimization is obsessed with these technologies outright. Because of that, you can easily focus on getting the best result for your customers and your prospects that are converted into clients.

Ultimate Personalization

Another thing that artificial intelligence (A.I.) drastically offers that no one else offers is the ultimate form of personalization.

Whether you have thousands of people or even millions of people coming to your e-commerce store, what you can definitely focus on delivering the ultimate personalization for your audience.

One thing that Sentient A.I. allows for you to do is to transform to the conversion rate optimization strategy from one particular user to another particular user.

What this means is people are able to be more easily converted into buying something more so than a strategy that was just employed at a general audience.

Ultimately, the end goal, especially with conversion rate optimization, is to develop the ultimate personalization where the person is brought in to buy something from their buy something from your page.

Time Saving and More Optimization

Does this mean that conversion rate optimists can kiss their jobs away once machine learning comes into optimizing conversion rate optimization for the e-commerce portal.

The answer is a negative no. The conversion rate optimization will be of much greater importance when it comes to converting traffic into customers, leads, or whatever is needed in order to get people to fulfill the call-to-action that was required of them.

All the artificial intelligence does is save time for the end user so they can spend more time focusing on the greater picture instead of the tiny details such as: “what size does the button have to be” in order to generate the most possible conversion rate for the business.

Saving time, especially when converting web traffic into leads and then customers, is incredibly importance. The use of Sentient A.I. just so happens to offer that unfair advantage.

Securus Technologies Enhances Communication in Prison System

Securus Technologies has made it so easy for people to stay in touch with family and friends that have been incarcerated. I can testify to this because I have used the software that this company has designed, and it has been helpful for me. I believe that it has allowed me to stay in touch with people that I would not ordinarily be in touch with. It provides people with the ability to connect with people and stay in touch even if there is a lot of distance between where you and the prison are located.


I always hated to make drive to the prison because it was such a long trip. I have family members that are incarcerated within the same state but they are still more than 3 hours away. This could become very exhausting, but Securus software has given me the opportunity to stay connected with these family members without doing any travel to the prison.


I have access to video visitation, jail email and voicemail. These are things that allow me to stay in touch even when I simply want to send a short message of encouragement for the day. I think that people will find that this is so much better than the dreadful prison visit. It actually feels more like communicating with any other family member that I will send email or voicemail to. I think that is what makes it much better for the inmates as well. They do not find themselves feeling as constricted or refined as they were with the prison visits before. With the video visitation it actually encourages those inmates that may have been unfocused and previously uninterested in getting out of prison. My surrounds serve as a motivator to incarcerated friends to do their time and get out.


Understand the World of Construction With Richard Mishaan Design’s Articles

When it comes to the world of architecture and interior design, Richard Mishaan Design is always in the forefront. Over the recent past, he has earned a high accolade in this field; this depicts the fact that he is well seasoned in the area. Having garnered enough experience in this field, his charming designs trickles from different homes without leaving behind commercial buildings such as hotels. This spirited designer hails from New York, but he was born and raised in Bogota, Columbia. His desire to be among the best designers gave him the drive to join Columbia University School of architecture. After that, he enrolled at New York University where he pursued Bachelor of Arts. Richard Mishaan Design’s journey of being a brilliant design commenced when he worked in the offices of Philip Johnson where he was given the responsibility of an apprentice. Definitely, such a success must have a cause.

As time went by, Richard Mishaan Design comes up with sleek interior designs and architecture with inspiration regularly from the surrounding. Mr. Mashaan wrote two exciting books of design and construction; Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern published by the Monacelli Press. Due to his expertise and experience in the field, Mr. Mashaan realized that most people believed in the dogma that any room or office is supposed to be filled with rich assortments for it to be lavish. Through this, he saw the need giving them some good ideas of creating luxurious rooms using common varieties; this motivated him to write the book, Artfully Modern. This talented designer believes that it is not the price that determines the outlook of the design. Instead, it is the experience of the designer. Richard Mishaan Design is known globally due to his magnificent works of art. Anyone in need of enriching themselves with more knowledge about interior designs and architecture has such an icon to look upon.

How SahmAdrangi moved from Wall Street to Kerrisdale

For 12 years, Sahm Adrangi Worked in Wall Street as a bonds trader. He later changed careers and specialized as a hedge fund credit analyst. Lastly, before deciding to retire early at 35 years, he became a hedge fund credit portfolio manager. Although he is in his sabbatical, he is putting together a huge spot in the equity of his PA.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Penn. State. His persistence, networking, and the ability to learn new things landed him an internship at Merrill Lynch. Furthermore, his commitment to success ensured that he spent three more years at the firm. At this time, he was involved in trading credit on the bond desk. Consequently, he moved on to assume a credit trading role at Longacre managing a hedge fund worth $3 billion. Notably, Sahm recently published a very intuitive article called ‘Northern Dynasty.’ This publication caused an ideological shift in the market.

Subsequently, after leaving Longacre, Sahm Adrangi joined Paulson & Co as a credit PM for three years. Before retiring from Wall Street, he also worked at Bowery Investment Management. Sahm Adrangi made the decision to retire early. Owing to the fact that the cost of living in New York is high there was little incentive to stay.

Also, he thought that the game of the industry had taken another turn. However, because of his love for investing, he is still involved in the industry privately. Sahm makes his income from buying securities.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital management. The company has grown from managing only $1 million in 2009 to a current investment value of $150 million. The research by Sahm and company is shared on social sites like Twitter and several others. Kerrisdale develops research on sectors it specializes in, for instance, the research on biotechnology.

Moreover, the firm has also concentrated on the mining sector and has had the opportunity to publish various reports on telecommunication. The company stands out because it shares its investment ideas with the broader investment community. The aim is to create catalysts in the market by ensuring that many investors have access to the information and ideas to initiate shifts in the market.

Sahm Adrangi info:

Bridget Scarr the Grateful Executive producer

Bridget Scarr is an experienced producer in the wide broadcast industry as well as in advertising and digital production. With a passion for the development and production of high end scripted and factual television productions, Britney has gained responsibility in the creative development. Her affinity for the creative writing is something which is worth noting.

According to Bridget, creativity is something with a powerful force which brings about a mindset of changing something. As she puts it, creativity is what acted as her savior. Driven by love and passion, she has been able to conquer her dreams and gained skills in VR Development, Production, Content Creation and AR Development.

Working with different industries in different sectors such as the Design, Music, Games, Performing arts, music, VFX, Architecture, marketing communications and advertisement, Scarr has gained sufficient work experience. Based on her good quality work, Bridget has risen from the position of a producer to executive producer.

After managing teams with large numbers of people, she opted to shift her focus on individual projects. Bridget has the capability of delivering broadcasts with an unparalleled access.

In her previous career where she was working as a TV producer, she put her focus on bringing people’s ideas into reality. However, she decided to take a career shift which led to the birth of Colibri Studios. At first, she was planning a home for her ideation. Her first place that came to her mind was Colibri which brought all her ideas to a single umbrella regardless of whether they were virtual reality, digital content, augmented reality, exhibition projects or even just the traditional television projects.

Scarr’s day begins with going to the office the whole morning hours where she does all her research as well as writing the content. She then commutes home to relax a bit having time with her family. After lunch, she diverts her attention from research to follow up on emails with her co-producers and other sales agents.

Later in the day, she dedicates her time to leisure activities such as watching a TV episode, a film, a VR piece or even reading books. Her evening’s activities are taking her son walk and playing in the park before having dinner, taking a bath and finally retiring to bed. Sometimes she can watch a TV series.

Currently, Scarr is head in strategy, content development, and partnerships at the Colibri Studio. Her main roles are development and collaboration with fellow international broadcasters, creative talent and lastly other project partners to bring different projects successfully. Most importantly, she is the Executive producer in the Studio.


Follow Bridget Scarr on twitter for updates.


Whitney Wolfe Wants to Empower Women and Appreciate Men

Whitney Wolfe describes herself as a feminist. At the same time, she wants to make sure that she makes the bond between men and women stronger. She has seen how far the feminist movement can go and has made a speech to bring it back to what it is meant to be. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has said is that they should not forget the good men because they are out there. It is very important to not demonize men as a whole and learn how to recognize the good men so that they can encourage them to make the moves.

One of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe has developed Bumble is to make it easier for women to weed through all of the men to find one that is closely matched to them. It is common for women to open up a profile only to be bombarded with messages from men. While it can be flattering, it can cause women to be paralyzed and indecisive when it comes to making their choice. For one thing, women could worry that they are making the wrong choice and not choosing the best man possible. With Bumble, women are mobilized to make a connection.

The whole point of Bumble is to make things easier for women first, and easier for men as well. For one thing, men have complained a lot that they can’t find a date with dating apps. This could have something to do with all of the issues with other dating apps with guys constantly spamming the women with messages.

Women do need each other, and Whitney Wolfe is providing them with all of their needs so that they will be able to not only meet the right men or women, but also make some really good friends for different activities. Being empowered is one of the best things for people to move forward with their lives and the different goals they may have that is going to bring them the advantages that they want. With the changes that are being brought forth to the dating app and the other aspects of life, people have something to look forward to.

Whitney Wolfe info:

NewsWatch TV Reviews Helps to Boost Your Confidence in their Business

Are you a business owner looking for an opportunity to grow and showcase your business? In this area of technological advancement, NewsWatch TV has got your back. NewsWatch is a leading television show with a technical, entertaining, and consumer twist that features explicitly mobile app reviews, sponsored consumer electronic reviews, public service announcements, medical and government news, and celebrity interviews to name but a few.

NewsWatch has its headquarters in Washington, DC, but operates additional branches in New York City, Fairfax, VA, and Denver, CO. As of September 8th, 2017, the Bridge Communications owned business had aired a total of 1,229 episodes each running for 30minutes.

In the past, a number of celebrities were been featured on the NewsWatch platform. Some of the notable names include Carrie Underwood, Ted Danson, Julianne Moore, Diane Lane, Brookyln Decker, Dr. Oz, Olympian Carl Lewis, Phil Mickelson, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. In addition to this, NewsWatch has also featured a number of companies to help them promote their goods and services or help them popularize their charitable causes. NewsWatch has reviewed a number of companies on its official website showcasing how helpful they have been to their course.

One company that is particularly grateful to NewsWatch is the award-winning Avanca; designer, and manufacturer of mobile accessories. Avanca, through its sister company, Ockel, used the services of NewsWatch to promote and market its line of pocket PCs in its recent crowdfunding campaign. Speaking with one of the hosts, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, Avanca’s CMO, notes that working with NewsWatch, it is always a great experience to them. She notes that NewsWatch has a good team that offers excellent support and has remarkable interviewers too. From her experience, working with the company provides a lot of rewards and hence their reason for using the company from time to time.

A lot can be said about NewsWatch, but the most important point is its ability to meet your specific needs. For more customer reviews, you can visit the company’s official website and build your confidence on what to expect when you start working with them.

American Institute Of Architects: Raising The Bar In Architecture

About a decade and a half ago, architectural designs were straightforward. They were expected to meet all the requirements of supervising bodies, but not required to be anything out of the ordinary. Of course, exceptions exist such as the Octagon House, which is an architectural masterpiece, but those designs are few and far between. Today, architects have become more creative and bold.

The Body Behind The Brains

The AIA, American Institute of Architects, was founded in New York City 160 years ago and is currently headquartered in Washington DC. The 13 founding architects aimed at elevating the standing of the profession and promoting the practical and scientific perfection of its members. The mission continues to date and membership has since skyrocketed to over 90,000 licensed members of the profession.

Architects under AIA are bound by a code of ethics that is meant to assure clients of the highest standards of the profession. Over the years, architects have embraced new technologies as well as sustainability in their designs.

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Five Tiers

AIA membership is divided into five levels.

Architect members are those licensed to practice by recognized bodies in the U.S. Associate members are those professionals still working towards licensure. These members have met the educational qualifications required by AIA, but they are still under the supervision and mentorship of a licensed architect.

International associate members have studied the course and are licensed to practice architecture in other countries outside the U.S. Emeritus members are the veteran architects aged 65 and over who have been members of AIA organization for at least 15 consecutive years. They may be capacitated and no longer practicing the profession, but they are recognized for their qualification, exposure, and lengthy membership.

The last group under AIA membership, Allied members, is made up professionals in the design and building community. This group includes landscape artists and engineers, and here the AIA partners with the American Architectural Foundation.

Every Design Is Unique

Did you know that the brain reacts to architectural stimuli? Well, it does according to Dr. Eve Edelstein, Assoc. AIA. This is the main reason each design should cater to the environment and the people using the facility. A health center will differ from a sports arena as will a casino. Dr. Edelstein’s observation makes us appreciate the effort that goes into each architectural design and the people behind them.

Thomas Vonier is currently the president of the AIA while Robert Ivy is CEO.