Vinny Parascandola: An Exceptional Role Model For Young Finance Professionals

As a global insurance and financial services company, AXA has offices worldwide. Wile based in Paris, France, the firm has branches in North America, Mexico, the U.K., Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie, the global firm was renamed AXA in 1985, which is not an acronym, the name is simply universally easy to pronounce.

In 2008, AXA created the AXA Research Fund, a scientific philanthropy initiative, to study risks, including climate change, pandemics, sociopolitical risks and more. By awarding grants to researchers in 33 countries, the AXA Research Fund’s goal to to enable researchers to find new solutions to society’s pressing challenges. To date, the fund has supported 492 projects.

Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors in New York, Vincent Parascandola, known as Vinny, is typical of the committed and focused employees that AXA hires each year. One of Vinny Parascandola’s duties is to recruit financial professionals, along with training and mentoring approximately 225 employees in the Central New Jersey area. Parascandola has been with AXA US since 2005, holding various executive positions, including President of the Advantage Group, which was established to attract experienced professionals to work for AXA.

Prior to working for AXA, Parascandola held multiple positions at the MONY Group, moving up from sales manager to field vice president, establishing himself as a person worthy of promotions. A past winner of GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards, and as a member, Parascandola exemplifies the association’s emphasis on professional development and leadership skills. More information available on his crunchbase page.