The Brunswick Culprits

On October 7, 2015, the New Brunswick Police Department of New Jersey responded to a shooting that occurred in the premises of the New Brunswick Apartments complex. At approximately 9:30 p.m., gun shots were heard throughout the premises of the apartment complex. One person was wounded by the bullets and immediately taken to the hospital via an alleged black Honda model vehicle. It is not the first time such gun shooting incidents occur in the New Brunswick complex located at 33 Commercial Avenue in the first ward. No fatalities were reported as the gunshot victim had no apparent life-threatening wounds. The New Brunswick Police Department continued their investigation immediately following the incident. “An individual walked into [Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital] a short time after with a non-life threatening gun shot wound,” stated Captain JT Miller of the New Brunswick Police Department.

On May 7, 2013, a pizza delivery man was assaulted outside a residence in the N building of a Quincy Circle complex. The victim was followed by three male suspects after attempting to make a routine pizza delivery. The victim was robbed of his wallet and pizza while being held at gun point to the head. The suspects then fled in a dark colored mini van, stated eyewitnesses. The South Brunswick Police Department has charged 21 year old Parysh Wood, also known as “Pistol”. Parysh Wood was allegedly the ring leader of the suspect crew on the night of the robbery. As stated by Detective Ron Seaman, of the New Brunswick Police Department, cell phone towers around the proximity of the incident picked up Parysh Woods’ cell phone and records around the same time the robbery occurred. The suspect was held under $100,000 bail at the Middlesex County Correction Center.

Chief Raymond Hayducka stated, “violent crime is low in our community, but when it takes place we will pursue all leads to solve it.This case was solved four months after the crime because investigators did not give up. In this digital age many criminals leave a footprint, which we just need to find.” Both the South River and the New Brunswick Police Departments have joined forces in hopes of bringing all suspects to justice and in attempts to send across a clear message that crimes like these will not be tolerated or brushed under the rug, according to the police staff handling the investigation with the help of eyewitnesses.