Talk Fusion Gives Big Donation to Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Talk Fusion and its CEO have proven once again that they care about giving back to the community. Recently Talk Fusion made headlines when they gave the Human Society of Tampa Bay a one million dollar donation. The donation made it possible for the Humane Society to break ground on their new Talk Fusion Animal Health Center.

This one million dollar donation was the largest in the Human Society of Tampa Bay’s 100 year history. Bob Reina has been a supporter of the Human Society for several years. At the most recent Tuxes and Tails fundraiser he donated $250,000. The new Animal Fusion Health Center will be dedicated to two of Bob Reina’s pets, Thunder and Shadow Reina. The center will help provide low cost, full service veterinary care, including spay and neutering centers for pets. This medical care will be available to the public and help to care for pets that are housed in the Tampa Bay Humane Society’s shelter.

He is a strong supporter of the Humane Society, and a lover of animals. As founder of Talk Fusion, he has helped revolutionize the way people around the world communicate with each other. He began his career in the industry while he was working at a police officer, and eventually built his business to the point that he was able to retire from the police force and make Talk Fusion his full time business.

Bob Reina began the work that would lead him to founding Talk Fusion in 2004, when he tried to send a ten-second video to his friends in an e-mail, and America Online told him it could not be done. He worked together with an IT savvy friend as was quickly able to help him create a way to send the video. By 2007 he had started a business that would allow others to send videos the same way that he and his friend had developed.

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  1. The company continues to gain global momentum and has become the 8th largest provider and distributor of online video content. Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion was proud to make this large donation possible. I do know that do have what is going on with Bob Reina.

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