The Traveling Vineyard – Why Work With Them

Traveling Vineyard is known for being the best way for anybody who loves wine the chance to make some good cash from the side. If you have a love for drinking good quality wine, this is the best way to go about doing that. It’s so simple and easy to do. All you have to do is know how to speak to people and share the beauty of the wine found from the Traveling Vineyard.

Why Sell With The Traveling Vineyard?

– Easy To Do

It’s such an easy gig. Once you become a wine guide for the company, you have the option to work whenever you want. The flexibility is what makes it great for those who live current busy lives. The process of joining and how to sell is simple enough. Once you get the hang of how the brand makes money and sells well, this company can do it all for you. The Traveling Vineyard can train you and prepare you for every aspect of business.

– Short Learning Curve

There is a very short learning curve involved. With their video training and articles in their online training portal, you are surely going to get the opportunity to grow efficiently and actually make good money. They can give you everything you need to know in one easy location.

– Make Friends

Making friends and building your own little community is what makes this opportunity so great. You are not in this alone. You can build your own team as you all sell the wine a part of this brand. You have a chance to enjoy meeting other wine guides throughout the world in one huge event that they have for all the wine guides.

The Traveling Vineyard is here to make it easy on you in the long run to grow and succeed. The truth about this brand is that they want you to succeed in the long haul. They want you to turn this side income into a full time income, and they can help you move forward by giving you all the tools you need in their portal.

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José Auriemo Neto’s Role in JHSF

José Auriemo Neto, just like his father, Fábio Auriemo, is a hardworking man. He is both visionary and hands on. Unlike his father, he has not had any real opposition in his endeavors to grow and expand the family business. Just like his father, he joined the real estate and development industry at a tender age. However, he did not join as a founder. His father and his uncle were the founders of the family business. They both had the passion and resolved to join the construction and development industry as investors, and producers. They did so when they founded a construction company in 1972.

Foundation and Split of JHS.

JHS was founded and split by the two brothers, Fábio Auriemo and José Roberto. The company split into a construction company and a separate development company. Fabio, unlike Roberto, preferred development over construction. His company, JHSF, grew exponentially in the real estate business as his brother’s JHSJ took on construction.


JHSF is a real estate company that specializes in the real estate sectors that deal with purchase, development, leasing and selling hotels, shopping malls, office complexes, and gastronomy. The company holds equity on properties in various countries. It has earned various accolades for professionalism due to a large number of referrals it gets from satisfied clients.

José Auriemo Neto Role in the Family Business

At 17 years of age, José AuriemoNeto Role took charge of all JHSF shopping malls in Brazil. He did a good job directing that department until his father bequeathed him the company’s presidency. Fabio felt inclined to do so after his son led the company into its most profitable venture. José Auriemo Neto had urged his father to build the Parque Cidade Jardim on a lot at the edge of Marginal Pinheiros.

Before José Auriemo came up with the suggestion, no one, not even Fabio, had noted the potential that the lot had to accommodate a high-end market business and housing complex.

His vision and commitment have ensured that his father rests comfortably during his retirement age. Fabio is certain that JHSF is in the right hands.


Andrew Rolfe’s overwhelming help for disadvantaged children in Africa.

About Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund

Andrew Rolfe holds a Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics which he attained at Oxford University. He also holds an M.A from St. Edmund Hall. Also, he obtained an M.B.A from Harvard Business School. Andrew Rolfe started the Ubuntu fund where his aim was to help disadvantaged people in Africa. Right now the fund is serving approximately 400,000 people in Africa.

The Organization started as a small charity in 1999, using limited resources. The fund raisers were dismayed by the rates of decreased nutrition and staple diet including home stability in some cases for the African Child. The founders were also aware of how HIV impacts a child’s ability to be accepted into society and go to school like other normal children hence the need to set up the fund for the disadvantaged African child.

The Ubuntu Fund Raising Dinner and Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe recently raised $750,000 at a gala in London. The money is supposed to go towards expanding the student population at Port Elizabeth’s `Ubuntu Education Fund.’ The money is also expected to help equip the pediatric clinic on the campus. The great success of the dinner was the fact that it was attended by classy socialites and philanthropists from different spheres of England, who marveled at Sinesipho Ribidyani’s story. She talked about how her father- who abused alcohol-and how life had become unbearable for her at home with him. However, with the help of the Ubuntu Fund, she was now able to go to school and achieve her dreams as a young budding lawyer- as she was recently accepted to Law school. She has also helped her mother move out of the abusive home and relationship.

Success of the Ubuntu Fund

Due to a growing number of people donating to the fund and more people and Philanthropists reaching out, the fund has managed to reach a scope of 2,000 families around Port Elizabeth. They have found it necessary to take the children in when young and equip families with skills and knowledge especially about HIV and Nutrition among other skills.


LimeCrime: A Model for New Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to start your own business? Get some inspiration from Doe Deere! Doe Deere and her company, LimeCrime, serve as a model to follow when starting your own business. Combining passion and creativity, Doe Deere has taken her bright and spunky cosmetics line, LimeCrime, straight into the limelight of the makeup world. LimeCrime wants to create and provide makeup for this century. Doe Deere’s LimeCrime cosmetics were designed with quality, boldness, and revolution in mind. Take note, folks. Doe’s got it going on! Learn more:


Doe Deere has been very successful at identifying her target audience. She knows there are women out there like her who want bright, beautiful, and cruelty-free cosmetics. LimeCrime creates products that make women feel confident and stylish. To model after her business plan, be sure your products or services create an experience that makes them feel something, whether it is confidence, strength, beauty, creativity, or pride. When you combine a quality product or service with a positive emotion, like LimeCrime, you are on your way to success.


It takes a lot of work to start your own business, but Doe Deere knows how critical it is to include passion in your work. Without passion, your business will never succeed to its highest potential. Plus, without passion, it would not be nearly as fun! Not every passion can be a business, but every business needs passion. For Doe Deere this is essential, and she encourages this outlook for all new entrepreneurs who want long-lasting business success. Learn more:


After establishing a business passion, Doe Deere encourages a thorough business plan. Understand that the initial start up will take a while; it will require time, energy, money, and lots of determination! But these investments can make it extremely rewarding in the end. Put in your love and passion, and get out a lot of satisfaction… and hopefully a big pay check!


Doe Deere’s company, LimeCrime, offers a great example to model your next business after. Know your market and your ideal customers, be bold and courageous, harness your passion, and do the hard work to make it a reality. Learn more:


Fabletics taking on Amazon

About then Fabletics Online outfit store


Fabletics retail store mainly deals with women accessories not forgeting sportswear (athleisure). Fabletics sells only custom made outfits selected from fashion and lifestyle preferences. Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler founded Fabletics in 2013 July and in 2015; Fabletics advanced its range to include men’s activewear (FL20). This new category was introduced by Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson.


Fabletics has achieved many gains over the past years since its inauguration. This mainly owes to the firm’s online marketing strategy. Many customers have liked this online shopping experience as they have the ease of choosing their most preferred brands without the need of visiting the store. The store has also acknowledged the significance of offline marketing hence the store has introduced the offline stores.


Fabletics introduces offline retail stores


During the early stages of 2015, Fabletics launched the first constructed stores in the General Growth Properties Inc and Westfield malls. Some of these locations include the New Jersey Bridgewater Commons, the Cincinnati Kenwood Towne Centre, the St. Louis Galleria and the Columbia Mall. The firm has frequently garnered media exposure due to their marketing strategies. This year, the company has expanded its range by introducing swimsuits and dresses. Other stores planned to be established this year include the Las Vegas Summerlin Shopping Center, the Colorado Cherry Creek Shopping Center and the Charlotte SouthPark Mall.


Examples of the Fabletics Trademark brands


At the Fabletic stores, customers are presented with mannequins outfits that comprise of leggings, jackets, tops, and bras. Whether the client needs regular work out or gym outfits, the store has everything under one roof i.e. all inclusive. Besides being just an outfit vendor, Fabletics aims to reach and advance their customers lives by making them more passionate about their daily activities. The store affords numerous shopping channels where the shoppers have the consent to try on outfits and later purchase them online.


At Fabletics Customers are presented with numerous options


The store is resolute in offering high-quality, stylish outfits at pocket-friendly costs that leave customers impressed. The Fabletics are meant to motivate active and comfortable involvements during work outs or gym. At the store, customers are presented with the chance of choosing their best-preferred outfits and test the type of material that best suits them. The store allows customers the ample time to test out their choice outfits, range of colors and styles. The store considers allowing customers to make their own decisions without having to alter their decisions.


Fabletics has introduced the VIP subscription features


The firm has launched an internet catalog that will present customers with membership shopping VIP discounts. This feature will allow customers to pre-order their outfits online and later get the shipment of their goods. Customers who register for the VIP service pay monthly subscriptions at discounted prices. Fabletics has great social media recognition, and customers can contact the store on its face book handle; at Fabletics.

Why Paul Mampilly Is The Go-to Person For Investment Advice

Paul Mampilly has proven through his many accomplishments to be a shrewd and experienced investor. Currently, he utilizes his vast knowledge in investing to help the average Americans achieve success and make money. He does this through his newsletters including Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and Profits Unlimited. Recently, Paul divulged details about his life and career through IdeaMensch.

After being part of Wall Street for a considerable duration, Mampilly was convinced that Wall Street did not serve or help enough Americans. This feeling forced him to join his current publishing business by launching his popular newsletter Profits Unlimited. By doing so, he informs average Americans on how to invest.

Paul leverages his vast research work to come up with new ideas and bring them to life. He is also highly excited by various trends such as the millennial mega trend and Internet of Things mega trend. As such, he believes that Internet of Things will change the course of numerous industries like food, health care, energy, banking and automotive. Additionally, Paul Mampilly highly utilizes LinkedIn, as it allows him to remain updated about the performance of his services.

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a prominent American investor. He embarked on his career on Wall Street in 1991 whereby he worked at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. Later on, Paul quickly ascended to top positions after joining ING and Deutsche Bank. This opportunity allowed him to take charge of multimillion-dollar accounts. In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management’s owners recruited Paul Mampilly to manage their hedge fund. Under his productive tenure, Kinetics experienced a $25 billion growth in assets. For this reason, Barron’s named the firm among the world’s best hedge funds, especially for averaging about 26 percent yearly returns.

Paul Mampilly is well-known for winning Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. Through his initial investment capital of $50 million, he generated returns in one year. In fact, he grew the investment from $50 million to $88 million. Impressively, Paul achieved this feat during the 2008/2009 economic crisis. Aside from his business endeavors and career, he holds an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a financial engineering degree from New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.

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Vinny Parascandola: An Exceptional Role Model For Young Finance Professionals

As a global insurance and financial services company, AXA has offices worldwide. Wile based in Paris, France, the firm has branches in North America, Mexico, the U.K., Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie, the global firm was renamed AXA in 1985, which is not an acronym, the name is simply universally easy to pronounce.

In 2008, AXA created the AXA Research Fund, a scientific philanthropy initiative, to study risks, including climate change, pandemics, sociopolitical risks and more. By awarding grants to researchers in 33 countries, the AXA Research Fund’s goal to to enable researchers to find new solutions to society’s pressing challenges. To date, the fund has supported 492 projects.

Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors in New York, Vincent Parascandola, known as Vinny, is typical of the committed and focused employees that AXA hires each year. One of Vinny Parascandola’s duties is to recruit financial professionals, along with training and mentoring approximately 225 employees in the Central New Jersey area. Parascandola has been with AXA US since 2005, holding various executive positions, including President of the Advantage Group, which was established to attract experienced professionals to work for AXA.

Prior to working for AXA, Parascandola held multiple positions at the MONY Group, moving up from sales manager to field vice president, establishing himself as a person worthy of promotions. A past winner of GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards, and as a member, Parascandola exemplifies the association’s emphasis on professional development and leadership skills. More information available on his crunchbase page.


Roberto Santiago Makes Manaira the Heartbeat of Entertainment in Paraiba

Roberto Santiago is no new name in the town of Joao Pessoa, where he was born. Roberto Santiago managed to build an iconic Shopping Mall, Manaira Shopping Center, from scratch to becoming one of the most visited tourist attractions on the northern side of Joao Pessoa.

At 58 years, Roberto Santiago now enjoys the fruit of an empire he started building in 1989 on Facebook. In his mind, he wanted to establish more than just a mall—he wanted his shopping center to double up as an entertainment and leisure destination. His major target was local and traveling families looking for a lovely place to stock up and unwind.

Part of Roberto Santiago’s genius was in the planning of the mall itself. He made sure he chose a location that was strategic for business and one that would pull in visitors year-round. He thus made the decision to establish Manaira Shopping center on beside the beautiful beaches of Paraiba, a landmark attraction that brings visitors to Joao Pessoa.

Initially, his business launched as a simple shopping center selling convenient items to clients. However, Roberto Santiago always held a vision of expanding the premise to what is now a total of 280 stores and an additional 75,000m2 of rental space. The mall overlooks the pristine turquoise waters of the Paraiba beaches with the enchanting sunsets of Joao Pessoa offering a spectacular backdrop.

If you are looking for a great place to catch a movie while waiting on a friend, Manaira Shopping Center is the place to be. Inside the shopping center are about 11 rooms dedicated to film entertainment on The rooms are well furnished, air conditioned and packed with an amazing sound system to make your movie experience unforgettable. If you enjoying bowling with family, Roberto made sure everything is modern and digitized to help you and family bond while trying to beat each other’s scores.

To top it off, Roberto Santiago made sure you have a chance of experiencing authentic Paraiba Cuisine via the finest gourmet chefs. Espaco Gourmet is just one of those fine restaurants within the vicinity that will serve you the best delicacies in a warm ambient environment. There is a food court as well where you can catch quick snacks like burgers, chips or soft drinks.

One other great way to experience Roberto’s genius is visiting the mall at night when the entire place is lit with Music. Manaira Shopping center hosts some of the biggest music entertainment events in Paraiba, with the likes of Erasmo Carlos wooing the crowds with his vocals. Roberto Santiago is also behind the Mangabeira Shopping mall which he opened later in 2014.

Michael Zomber: Successful Historical Fiction Author

Michael Zomber is a well-known historical fiction author from Washington D.C. He holds a master’s degree in English Literature and bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Psychology. Zomber is known for using authentic characters, settings and facts in his stories.

Zomber has published several novels, including the following series:

Son of Kentucky: The series starts with the story of a poor tobacco farmer in Kentucky named Josiah Johnson, and it takes place before the Civil War. Josiah must face conflict after he sticks to his morals and refuses to use slave labor. Son of Kentucky takes place 50 years before Sweet Betsy That’s Me.

Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War: The second book of the series tells the story of young Betsy Johnson. It starts when her father comes home after being wounded in the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. Betsy shares her views on the war, religion, slavery and President Lincoln.

Sweet Betsy: A Female Lawman in the New Mexico Territory: The third book of the series follows Betsy Johnson into womanhood. Betsy defends a young black man by killing a Klansman, and this action changes the life of both her and her daughter. She takes her daughter from Kentucky to New Mexico in hopes of starting a new life. They make a new life in a town that is progressing towards equal rights for all.

Zomber recently released a documentary known as Soul of the Samurai through Cinema Guild. The documentary is based on life in ancient Japan, which was full of tradition, honor and violence. It tells the story of the Samurai and their code of honor known as Bushido, and it gives viewers an inside look at the Samurai sword. Soul of the Samurai is filmed using Japanese woodblock prints and 3D animation.

You can learn more about Michael Zomber by visiting his official Facebook page. The posts include videos of Zomber, recent interviews and links to his publications. You can also find photographs of Zomber and cover art of his novels.

Michael Zomber uses his love for history and antique weapons to create successful publications and documentaries.

WEN By Chaz Around For 24 Years Now And Still Re-Building Beautiful Hair

As women, most of us spend tons of time trying to get our hair to look its best.

Who wants a bad hair day?

Many of us get sucked into the QVC commercials, watching women washing their hair with these huge, lather-building shampoos. We figure, the bigger the sudsy action, the better for our mane.

Wrong, says Chaz Dean, the famous Hollywood stylist with a long list of star clients with fabulous tresses. The veteran hair guru understands the inside and outside of every hair strand, and he knows the dirty, little secret most shampoo/conditioner brands are hiding.

These drugstore hair care products include sulfates and other damaging chemicals in their formulas. Over time, these sulfate-laden shampoos begin weakening the hair and stripping strands of their natural oils. In other words, these big lathers are doing you zero favors, ladies.

Chaz Dean created WEN Hair to give women around the world a healthy cleansing alternative. His no lather shampoo concept has stood the test of time, and Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his elite clientele for 24 years now. That says plenty about the quality of his hair care line and the integrity behind the brand.

WEN’s famous cleansing conditioners safely and effectively wash, nourish and condition any type of hair found on the planet. If your mane is damaged from heat styling tools or chemical treatments, you will re-build strength, body and shine. WEN By Chaz products perform amazingly without the inclusion of sodium lauryl sulfate.

These unique cleansing conditioners smell divinely and come in a variety of blends. Sweet Almond Mint is super popular with WEN fans and contains healthy ingredients from nature, like wild cherry bark extract, rosemary leaf extract and others.

Your hair will fall in love with WEN. For more details, please visit

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