Michael Zomber: Successful Historical Fiction Author

Michael Zomber is a well-known historical fiction author from Washington D.C. He holds a master’s degree in English Literature and bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Psychology. Zomber is known for using authentic characters, settings and facts in his stories.

Zomber has published several novels, including the following series:

Son of Kentucky: The series starts with the story of a poor tobacco farmer in Kentucky named Josiah Johnson, and it takes place before the Civil War. Josiah must face conflict after he sticks to his morals and refuses to use slave labor. Son of Kentucky takes place 50 years before Sweet Betsy That’s Me.

Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War: The second book of the series tells the story of young Betsy Johnson. It starts when her father comes home after being wounded in the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. Betsy shares her views on the war, religion, slavery and President Lincoln.

Sweet Betsy: A Female Lawman in the New Mexico Territory: The third book of the series follows Betsy Johnson into womanhood. Betsy defends a young black man by killing a Klansman, and this action changes the life of both her and her daughter. She takes her daughter from Kentucky to New Mexico in hopes of starting a new life. They make a new life in a town that is progressing towards equal rights for all.

Zomber recently released a documentary known as Soul of the Samurai through Cinema Guild. The documentary is based on life in ancient Japan, which was full of tradition, honor and violence. It tells the story of the Samurai and their code of honor known as Bushido, and it gives viewers an inside look at the Samurai sword. Soul of the Samurai is filmed using Japanese woodblock prints and 3D animation.

You can learn more about Michael Zomber by visiting his official Facebook page. The posts include videos of Zomber, recent interviews and links to his publications. You can also find photographs of Zomber and cover art of his novels.

Michael Zomber uses his love for history and antique weapons to create successful publications and documentaries.