Cleaning your online reputation safely

In personal branding, online reputation management cannot be overstated. In a news article about how to wipe your online presence to default mode, the focus is more on why you may need to do that. Employers today look at your digital footprint before hiring you. If you believe that your digital footprint is unsavory and can be a target, then you may consider this option. Recently, firms like in this category are already posting steps on how to make your digital footprint disappear.

According to, several online reputation management companies are already offering the delete option or other control options. and are some of the solution providers under this category. The good thing about this services is that they ensure that you are treated fairly in job interviews and consideration for promotions. People with a history of swear languages, common among young social media users, are considered unstable by employers and may jeopardize your chances of a dream promotion or job. recommend that if you want to venture into politics, you may consider a serious overhaul of your online presence. Politics can be brutal, and even a single joke may be amplified out of proportion. This can affect your chances of election. More and more politicians, even at the lowest level are considering measured online posting. This is perhaps in response to the growing power of social media character assassination.

Sometimes you may not be interested in disappearing completely online, but you can either change your account names, details in a way that you can always dissociate yourself from that account. You can remove unwanted content. Sometimes you can use the same social media to defend yourself from malicious and defamatory posts.

Some of the solutions that are offered include deleting of online posts, deleting accounts, posting on your behalf, response to online attacks, changing account details, burying URLs, among others. The same services can be replicated on businesses, public figures, and other entities. However, you cannot try to keep your online presence private while still using tractable solutions notably search engine and media. It must be the starting point that you use anonymous surfing services.