Magnises Gets Exclusive

Every now and then there is a card that comes along for the cool crowd. The Magnises card is that card for the new millennials that are trying to get a black card. Billy McFarland, Magnises CEO, may only be 24 years of age, but he had established a whole new concept that is open to young professionals. There are a lot of people that are going to benefit from using the Magnises card. Right now it is just exclusive to the New York City crowd, but this is certainly a chance for expansion.

The thing that people need to know upfront about the Magnises card is that this is not a credit card. It is, however, a major facelift of sorts to a credit card that you may already have. That is where the perks come in. A lot of American Express members already received a lot of perks in the form of points. There are also insurance coverage and extended warranty privileges that come with credit cards as well. With the Magnises membership there is a serious upgrade for people that like to party. This is evident when people see the exclusive discounts that are linked to this card.

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According to Yahoo Finance contributor Christine DiGangi, the
average Magnises member is about 28 years old. This equates to a new crowd of millennials that do not have access to many of the other black card clubs that are reserved for an older crowd. There are a lot of people that are taking interest in this because it finally gives young professionals a chance to be part of a club that gives them access to VIP styled events.

The membership is $250 per year, but all of the small perks are well worth it if members keep up with the events on That is the thing that a lot of cardholders lose out on when they don’t take the time to actually keep up with the points or privileges. There are some VIP parties that people can attend when they become black card carrying Magnises members. Some people will go out and cash in on these benefits; others will let the exclusive benefits and reservations go to waste. The people that get the most out of the benefits are the ones that check the website and do what it takes to make the best of every opportunity.

Fortunately, Billy McFarland is young, but he is still wise enough to know that different people are going to want different things. There are some people that are going to enjoy the benefits of staying up late and celebrating in private parties with celebrities like French Montana. Others are going to benefit from the cool concierge services of Magnises. This club is not one-dimensional. People that join will have an array of activities. This is what makes this a club that many people are trying to get into. It has a plethora of benefits that are great for people that love to get perks.

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