Securus Technologies Enhances Communication in Prison System

Securus Technologies has made it so easy for people to stay in touch with family and friends that have been incarcerated. I can testify to this because I have used the software that this company has designed, and it has been helpful for me. I believe that it has allowed me to stay in touch with people that I would not ordinarily be in touch with. It provides people with the ability to connect with people and stay in touch even if there is a lot of distance between where you and the prison are located.


I always hated to make drive to the prison because it was such a long trip. I have family members that are incarcerated within the same state but they are still more than 3 hours away. This could become very exhausting, but Securus software has given me the opportunity to stay connected with these family members without doing any travel to the prison.


I have access to video visitation, jail email and voicemail. These are things that allow me to stay in touch even when I simply want to send a short message of encouragement for the day. I think that people will find that this is so much better than the dreadful prison visit. It actually feels more like communicating with any other family member that I will send email or voicemail to. I think that is what makes it much better for the inmates as well. They do not find themselves feeling as constricted or refined as they were with the prison visits before. With the video visitation it actually encourages those inmates that may have been unfocused and previously uninterested in getting out of prison. My surrounds serve as a motivator to incarcerated friends to do their time and get out.


Securus Technologies At Work Helping To Prevent Further Crimes From Happening

The leading provider for criminal justice technologies is creating solutions to bring awareness to public safety. Securus Technologies is changing how technology is used to prevent future crimes inside of jails as well as solving crimes inside jails. The inmate to inmate crime ratio has decreased thanks to the help of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is always being asked about what can be done to make jails safer. They receive formal letters as well as numerous emails in regards to what can be done to prevent further attacks within the jail cells. The people who send the emails are the ones who are left in charge of preventing and solving the crimes inside the walls of a jail.


Securus works hard week after week coming up with new ideas to create products and services that will help the law enforcement officers as well as corrections officials to protect their inmates as well as themselves.


Securus is located in Dallas, Texas and helps more than 3400 people in public safety a year. This includes the law enforcement as well as the corrections agents and well over a million inmates across the country year after year. They are committed to making sure that the people who are placed in unsafe situations day after day are free from injury. The focus of Securus is to make sure that connections are made and safety is the number one focus of all.


Securus was founded in 1986 and has offices in Carrollton, Allen, Texas as well as an office in Atlanta, Georgia. The company holds over a thousand people on its payroll and serves more than 2500 correctional facilities in the United States. In July of 2016, they announced that they had invested over 600 million dollars into technology and patents as well as acquisitions within a three year period.


Securus Helps to Ease the Suffering of Children

You might not realize this but when a child has a parent in jail, they are doing time with them. Nearly 3 million children have a dad or mom locked up behind bars. Children who experience this situation usually have to suffer through it. No kid wants to be away from their parents. When this happens all sorts of problems arise.


Most prisoners who are doing time really do care about their kids. We might not believe that they do. However, I have discovered that many parents want to be their kids and not let them grow up without them. Even if a prisoner intentionally committed a criminal act, they still want to be their child in most cases. They still realize they have a responsibility to them.


I recently found out about the Video Visitation App that is offered by Securus. This technology allows incarcerated parents and their children to keep in touch with each other. The technology is set up within many prisons institutions all over the country. It gives inmates the ability to communicate through a video platform with their kids on a mobile device.


A responsible adult has to download the Video Visitation App on their mobile device. Once they register their account, set up a payment option and schedule visitation times; they can then begin to speak with an inmate.


All an image has to do is to turn on a video terminal within their location and began to interact with their boy or girl. An incarcerated mom or dad no longer has to miss birthdays, special events or special moments within their child’s life. As long as they are approved, an incarcerated parent can view their children social gatherings or just doing their homework.


I know that this type of technology works and makes a difference in the lives of inmates and their children. You can find out more about how the Video Visitation App and other Securus technologies can help to ease the suffering of children on their Securus Technologies website.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.