Lifeline’s 14 Point Promise and what to Expect During the Screening Process

Any patient that is scheduled for a Lifeline screening will be surprised to know that it comes complete with a 14 Point Promise. This promise has been designed to put patients at ease and to them to understand that the examiners will provide them with the best care during their visit.

Point number 3 of the 14 Point Promise provides patients with instructions for screening. These instructions are very strait forward. Keep in mind that different screening procedures require different ways for patients to prepare. If you are getting a basic checkup you should wear loose fitting clothing that will make it easy for you to be examined. People that are getting their cholesterol checked should not eat at least 8 hours before they arrive. Bone marrow density examinations will require women not to wear pantyhose to the procedure. Some Lifeline screenings require patients to do anything ahead of time.

The main thing that people should remember is to follow the instructions of the type of screening they are scheduled to receive. Remember that if you are going to be examined by hospital machinery or equipment; you probably should not wear any necklaces, pendants or earrings.

People with body piercings should also be mindful about the kind of examination they are going to receive. Their examination will help them to figure out how they should prepare for their examination. Once they have this information they will know if they are able to eat before they arrive and what type of clothes they must wear for their procedure. The screenings are relatively short and patients can get through them without wasting a lot of time. To figure out how you can be best prepared for screening, make sure you understand what type of procedure that you are scheduled to have.

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