Bridget Scarr the Grateful Executive producer

Bridget Scarr is an experienced producer in the wide broadcast industry as well as in advertising and digital production. With a passion for the development and production of high end scripted and factual television productions, Britney has gained responsibility in the creative development. Her affinity for the creative writing is something which is worth noting.

According to Bridget, creativity is something with a powerful force which brings about a mindset of changing something. As she puts it, creativity is what acted as her savior. Driven by love and passion, she has been able to conquer her dreams and gained skills in VR Development, Production, Content Creation and AR Development.

Working with different industries in different sectors such as the Design, Music, Games, Performing arts, music, VFX, Architecture, marketing communications and advertisement, Scarr has gained sufficient work experience. Based on her good quality work, Bridget has risen from the position of a producer to executive producer.

After managing teams with large numbers of people, she opted to shift her focus on individual projects. Bridget has the capability of delivering broadcasts with an unparalleled access.

In her previous career where she was working as a TV producer, she put her focus on bringing people’s ideas into reality. However, she decided to take a career shift which led to the birth of Colibri Studios. At first, she was planning a home for her ideation. Her first place that came to her mind was Colibri which brought all her ideas to a single umbrella regardless of whether they were virtual reality, digital content, augmented reality, exhibition projects or even just the traditional television projects.

Scarr’s day begins with going to the office the whole morning hours where she does all her research as well as writing the content. She then commutes home to relax a bit having time with her family. After lunch, she diverts her attention from research to follow up on emails with her co-producers and other sales agents.

Later in the day, she dedicates her time to leisure activities such as watching a TV episode, a film, a VR piece or even reading books. Her evening’s activities are taking her son walk and playing in the park before having dinner, taking a bath and finally retiring to bed. Sometimes she can watch a TV series.

Currently, Scarr is head in strategy, content development, and partnerships at the Colibri Studio. Her main roles are development and collaboration with fellow international broadcasters, creative talent and lastly other project partners to bring different projects successfully. Most importantly, she is the Executive producer in the Studio.


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Coriant’s New CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir is a leading business and technology executive. He was born in London in 1964. While he was still a young boy, Shaygan, together with his parents, moved to Iran where his father had gotten a job as an otorhinolaryngologist. He, however, attended high school in Switzerland as well as Aiglon College which is in the same country. He later received a letter of acceptance at Cornell University for a bachelor’s degree program in electrical engineering. His focus was on control systems. He also earned his masters and doctoral degree in the same field. Today, he is a member of the university’s engineering council.

After earning his baccalaureate, Shaygan got a job working for GTE Laboratories as a network controller. Within a short time, Shaygan was promoted to Chief Information Officer. The Wall Street Journal published a report that revealed that the promotion was due to his impeccable ability to deliver new products on schedule.

GTE Corporation merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications in the year 2000. Shaygan was appointed President of the e-business division of the new company. He was later promoted to Chief Technology/Information Officer, and he was the first person to hold that position. More than a decade later, Shaygan joined Barclays Bank as Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail Bank in London. He is credited with the development of a number of world leading products while at Barclays. One of those products is Pingit, a popular mobile payment software. In 2014 he moved to Juniper Networks where he served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Recently, Shaygan Kheradpir was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. Coriant is a global telecommunications company that was established in the year 2013. Before Marlin Equity Partners bought it, it served as an affiliate company for Nokia Siemens Network (NSN). Shaygan worked for Marlin Equity Partners for a short while after leaving Juniper Networks. Coriant develops and sells optical transmission hardware and software such as the Intelligent Network Management Software, Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, Packet Optimal Transport Solutions, MSPP Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions, Cross-Connect/TDM Solutions and Optical LAN and Broadband Access. The company has offices in Naperville, U.S.A. and Munich, Germany. It also has more than 3000 employees working for it making it one of the biggest enterprises in the world.

During the unveiling of Shaygan as Coriant’s new CEO, Pat DiPietro, the company’s new Vice Chairman, was quoted saying, “We are honored to welcome Shaygan to Coriant and fortunate to have an executive of his caliber leading the company. His strategic insight and guidance on focused operational execution have been invaluable since we began working together earlier this year, and we are confident in his ability to drive Coriant to the next level of growth.”

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Duda Melter Will Lead the Presidency of RBS Group

The fifty nine year old president Nelson Sirotsky, of RBS Group, will be leaving office within a month and steering post to the current executive vice president, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also, or better known as Duda Melzer. The decision was ratified by the Board of directors at a meeting held yesterday in São Paulo.Duda Melzer will be chief executive of RBS, and lead this business forward with great leadership.

Nelson Sirotsky, after 21 years as CEO of RBS, will be devoted to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, an activity that accumulate with the leadership of the Editorial Committee of the Companies of RBS.

In the message distributed last week, Nelson reveals the beginning of a “process of succession plan, whose main objective is the improvement of our corporate governance.”

(Duda)Eduardo Melzer was a man who awakened import business. At that time, it opened a favorable period for the sale of imports. Duda Melzer took and brought to Porto Alegre “Sweet Sweet Way”, candy store, candy and imported products.

“It was a different business, the subject entered the store, picked the bullets and weighed. I started not only to have my stores, but the franchise to Brazil also “- he said a few years ago, the Collective saite. “It was a barbarous responsibility, it had four stores, fifty employees and a lot of franchisees. I took a responsibility far ahead of my time or what people expected.”


Talk Fusion Gives Big Donation to Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Talk Fusion and its CEO have proven once again that they care about giving back to the community. Recently Talk Fusion made headlines when they gave the Human Society of Tampa Bay a one million dollar donation. The donation made it possible for the Humane Society to break ground on their new Talk Fusion Animal Health Center.

This one million dollar donation was the largest in the Human Society of Tampa Bay’s 100 year history. Bob Reina has been a supporter of the Human Society for several years. At the most recent Tuxes and Tails fundraiser he donated $250,000. The new Animal Fusion Health Center will be dedicated to two of Bob Reina’s pets, Thunder and Shadow Reina. The center will help provide low cost, full service veterinary care, including spay and neutering centers for pets. This medical care will be available to the public and help to care for pets that are housed in the Tampa Bay Humane Society’s shelter.

He is a strong supporter of the Humane Society, and a lover of animals. As founder of Talk Fusion, he has helped revolutionize the way people around the world communicate with each other. He began his career in the industry while he was working at a police officer, and eventually built his business to the point that he was able to retire from the police force and make Talk Fusion his full time business.

Bob Reina began the work that would lead him to founding Talk Fusion in 2004, when he tried to send a ten-second video to his friends in an e-mail, and America Online told him it could not be done. He worked together with an IT savvy friend as was quickly able to help him create a way to send the video. By 2007 he had started a business that would allow others to send videos the same way that he and his friend had developed.