Bridget Scarr the Grateful Executive producer

Bridget Scarr is an experienced producer in the wide broadcast industry as well as in advertising and digital production. With a passion for the development and production of high end scripted and factual television productions, Britney has gained responsibility in the creative development. Her affinity for the creative writing is something which is worth noting.

According to Bridget, creativity is something with a powerful force which brings about a mindset of changing something. As she puts it, creativity is what acted as her savior. Driven by love and passion, she has been able to conquer her dreams and gained skills in VR Development, Production, Content Creation and AR Development.

Working with different industries in different sectors such as the Design, Music, Games, Performing arts, music, VFX, Architecture, marketing communications and advertisement, Scarr has gained sufficient work experience. Based on her good quality work, Bridget has risen from the position of a producer to executive producer.

After managing teams with large numbers of people, she opted to shift her focus on individual projects. Bridget has the capability of delivering broadcasts with an unparalleled access.

In her previous career where she was working as a TV producer, she put her focus on bringing people’s ideas into reality. However, she decided to take a career shift which led to the birth of Colibri Studios. At first, she was planning a home for her ideation. Her first place that came to her mind was Colibri which brought all her ideas to a single umbrella regardless of whether they were virtual reality, digital content, augmented reality, exhibition projects or even just the traditional television projects.

Scarr’s day begins with going to the office the whole morning hours where she does all her research as well as writing the content. She then commutes home to relax a bit having time with her family. After lunch, she diverts her attention from research to follow up on emails with her co-producers and other sales agents.

Later in the day, she dedicates her time to leisure activities such as watching a TV episode, a film, a VR piece or even reading books. Her evening’s activities are taking her son walk and playing in the park before having dinner, taking a bath and finally retiring to bed. Sometimes she can watch a TV series.

Currently, Scarr is head in strategy, content development, and partnerships at the Colibri Studio. Her main roles are development and collaboration with fellow international broadcasters, creative talent and lastly other project partners to bring different projects successfully. Most importantly, she is the Executive producer in the Studio.


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