Bridget Scarr the Grateful Executive producer

Bridget Scarr is an experienced producer in the wide broadcast industry as well as in advertising and digital production. With a passion for the development and production of high end scripted and factual television productions, Britney has gained responsibility in the creative development. Her affinity for the creative writing is something which is worth noting.

According to Bridget, creativity is something with a powerful force which brings about a mindset of changing something. As she puts it, creativity is what acted as her savior. Driven by love and passion, she has been able to conquer her dreams and gained skills in VR Development, Production, Content Creation and AR Development.

Working with different industries in different sectors such as the Design, Music, Games, Performing arts, music, VFX, Architecture, marketing communications and advertisement, Scarr has gained sufficient work experience. Based on her good quality work, Bridget has risen from the position of a producer to executive producer.

After managing teams with large numbers of people, she opted to shift her focus on individual projects. Bridget has the capability of delivering broadcasts with an unparalleled access.

In her previous career where she was working as a TV producer, she put her focus on bringing people’s ideas into reality. However, she decided to take a career shift which led to the birth of Colibri Studios. At first, she was planning a home for her ideation. Her first place that came to her mind was Colibri which brought all her ideas to a single umbrella regardless of whether they were virtual reality, digital content, augmented reality, exhibition projects or even just the traditional television projects.

Scarr’s day begins with going to the office the whole morning hours where she does all her research as well as writing the content. She then commutes home to relax a bit having time with her family. After lunch, she diverts her attention from research to follow up on emails with her co-producers and other sales agents.

Later in the day, she dedicates her time to leisure activities such as watching a TV episode, a film, a VR piece or even reading books. Her evening’s activities are taking her son walk and playing in the park before having dinner, taking a bath and finally retiring to bed. Sometimes she can watch a TV series.

Currently, Scarr is head in strategy, content development, and partnerships at the Colibri Studio. Her main roles are development and collaboration with fellow international broadcasters, creative talent and lastly other project partners to bring different projects successfully. Most importantly, she is the Executive producer in the Studio.


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Whitney Wolfe Wants to Empower Women and Appreciate Men

Whitney Wolfe describes herself as a feminist. At the same time, she wants to make sure that she makes the bond between men and women stronger. She has seen how far the feminist movement can go and has made a speech to bring it back to what it is meant to be. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has said is that they should not forget the good men because they are out there. It is very important to not demonize men as a whole and learn how to recognize the good men so that they can encourage them to make the moves.

One of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe has developed Bumble is to make it easier for women to weed through all of the men to find one that is closely matched to them. It is common for women to open up a profile only to be bombarded with messages from men. While it can be flattering, it can cause women to be paralyzed and indecisive when it comes to making their choice. For one thing, women could worry that they are making the wrong choice and not choosing the best man possible. With Bumble, women are mobilized to make a connection.

The whole point of Bumble is to make things easier for women first, and easier for men as well. For one thing, men have complained a lot that they can’t find a date with dating apps. This could have something to do with all of the issues with other dating apps with guys constantly spamming the women with messages.

Women do need each other, and Whitney Wolfe is providing them with all of their needs so that they will be able to not only meet the right men or women, but also make some really good friends for different activities. Being empowered is one of the best things for people to move forward with their lives and the different goals they may have that is going to bring them the advantages that they want. With the changes that are being brought forth to the dating app and the other aspects of life, people have something to look forward to.

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NewsWatch TV Reviews Helps to Boost Your Confidence in their Business

Are you a business owner looking for an opportunity to grow and showcase your business? In this area of technological advancement, NewsWatch TV has got your back. NewsWatch is a leading television show with a technical, entertaining, and consumer twist that features explicitly mobile app reviews, sponsored consumer electronic reviews, public service announcements, medical and government news, and celebrity interviews to name but a few.

NewsWatch has its headquarters in Washington, DC, but operates additional branches in New York City, Fairfax, VA, and Denver, CO. As of September 8th, 2017, the Bridge Communications owned business had aired a total of 1,229 episodes each running for 30minutes.

In the past, a number of celebrities were been featured on the NewsWatch platform. Some of the notable names include Carrie Underwood, Ted Danson, Julianne Moore, Diane Lane, Brookyln Decker, Dr. Oz, Olympian Carl Lewis, Phil Mickelson, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. In addition to this, NewsWatch has also featured a number of companies to help them promote their goods and services or help them popularize their charitable causes. NewsWatch has reviewed a number of companies on its official website showcasing how helpful they have been to their course.

One company that is particularly grateful to NewsWatch is the award-winning Avanca; designer, and manufacturer of mobile accessories. Avanca, through its sister company, Ockel, used the services of NewsWatch to promote and market its line of pocket PCs in its recent crowdfunding campaign. Speaking with one of the hosts, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, Avanca’s CMO, notes that working with NewsWatch, it is always a great experience to them. She notes that NewsWatch has a good team that offers excellent support and has remarkable interviewers too. From her experience, working with the company provides a lot of rewards and hence their reason for using the company from time to time.

A lot can be said about NewsWatch, but the most important point is its ability to meet your specific needs. For more customer reviews, you can visit the company’s official website and build your confidence on what to expect when you start working with them.

American Institute Of Architects: Raising The Bar In Architecture

About a decade and a half ago, architectural designs were straightforward. They were expected to meet all the requirements of supervising bodies, but not required to be anything out of the ordinary. Of course, exceptions exist such as the Octagon House, which is an architectural masterpiece, but those designs are few and far between. Today, architects have become more creative and bold.

The Body Behind The Brains

The AIA, American Institute of Architects, was founded in New York City 160 years ago and is currently headquartered in Washington DC. The 13 founding architects aimed at elevating the standing of the profession and promoting the practical and scientific perfection of its members. The mission continues to date and membership has since skyrocketed to over 90,000 licensed members of the profession.

Architects under AIA are bound by a code of ethics that is meant to assure clients of the highest standards of the profession. Over the years, architects have embraced new technologies as well as sustainability in their designs.

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Five Tiers

AIA membership is divided into five levels.

Architect members are those licensed to practice by recognized bodies in the U.S. Associate members are those professionals still working towards licensure. These members have met the educational qualifications required by AIA, but they are still under the supervision and mentorship of a licensed architect.

International associate members have studied the course and are licensed to practice architecture in other countries outside the U.S. Emeritus members are the veteran architects aged 65 and over who have been members of AIA organization for at least 15 consecutive years. They may be capacitated and no longer practicing the profession, but they are recognized for their qualification, exposure, and lengthy membership.

The last group under AIA membership, Allied members, is made up professionals in the design and building community. This group includes landscape artists and engineers, and here the AIA partners with the American Architectural Foundation.

Every Design Is Unique

Did you know that the brain reacts to architectural stimuli? Well, it does according to Dr. Eve Edelstein, Assoc. AIA. This is the main reason each design should cater to the environment and the people using the facility. A health center will differ from a sports arena as will a casino. Dr. Edelstein’s observation makes us appreciate the effort that goes into each architectural design and the people behind them.

Thomas Vonier is currently the president of the AIA while Robert Ivy is CEO.