Andrew Rolfe’s overwhelming help for disadvantaged children in Africa.

About Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund

Andrew Rolfe holds a Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics which he attained at Oxford University. He also holds an M.A from St. Edmund Hall. Also, he obtained an M.B.A from Harvard Business School. Andrew Rolfe started the Ubuntu fund where his aim was to help disadvantaged people in Africa. Right now the fund is serving approximately 400,000 people in Africa.

The Organization started as a small charity in 1999, using limited resources. The fund raisers were dismayed by the rates of decreased nutrition and staple diet including home stability in some cases for the African Child. The founders were also aware of how HIV impacts a child’s ability to be accepted into society and go to school like other normal children hence the need to set up the fund for the disadvantaged African child.

The Ubuntu Fund Raising Dinner and Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe recently raised $750,000 at a gala in London. The money is supposed to go towards expanding the student population at Port Elizabeth’s `Ubuntu Education Fund.’ The money is also expected to help equip the pediatric clinic on the campus. The great success of the dinner was the fact that it was attended by classy socialites and philanthropists from different spheres of England, who marveled at Sinesipho Ribidyani’s story. She talked about how her father- who abused alcohol-and how life had become unbearable for her at home with him. However, with the help of the Ubuntu Fund, she was now able to go to school and achieve her dreams as a young budding lawyer- as she was recently accepted to Law school. She has also helped her mother move out of the abusive home and relationship.

Success of the Ubuntu Fund

Due to a growing number of people donating to the fund and more people and Philanthropists reaching out, the fund has managed to reach a scope of 2,000 families around Port Elizabeth. They have found it necessary to take the children in when young and equip families with skills and knowledge especially about HIV and Nutrition among other skills.


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