Fabletics taking on Amazon

About then Fabletics Online outfit store


Fabletics retail store mainly deals with women accessories not forgeting sportswear (athleisure). Fabletics sells only custom made outfits selected from fashion and lifestyle preferences. Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler founded Fabletics in 2013 July and in 2015; Fabletics advanced its range to include men’s activewear (FL20). This new category was introduced by Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson.


Fabletics has achieved many gains over the past years since its inauguration. This mainly owes to the firm’s online marketing strategy. Many customers have liked this online shopping experience as they have the ease of choosing their most preferred brands without the need of visiting the store. The store has also acknowledged the significance of offline marketing hence the store has introduced the offline stores.


Fabletics introduces offline retail stores


During the early stages of 2015, Fabletics launched the first constructed stores in the General Growth Properties Inc and Westfield malls. Some of these locations include the New Jersey Bridgewater Commons, the Cincinnati Kenwood Towne Centre, the St. Louis Galleria and the Columbia Mall. The firm has frequently garnered media exposure due to their marketing strategies. This year, the company has expanded its range by introducing swimsuits and dresses. Other stores planned to be established this year include the Las Vegas Summerlin Shopping Center, the Colorado Cherry Creek Shopping Center and the Charlotte SouthPark Mall.


Examples of the Fabletics Trademark brands


At the Fabletic stores, customers are presented with mannequins outfits that comprise of leggings, jackets, tops, and bras. Whether the client needs regular work out or gym outfits, the store has everything under one roof i.e. all inclusive. Besides being just an outfit vendor, Fabletics aims to reach and advance their customers lives by making them more passionate about their daily activities. The store affords numerous shopping channels where the shoppers have the consent to try on outfits and later purchase them online.


At Fabletics Customers are presented with numerous options


The store is resolute in offering high-quality, stylish outfits at pocket-friendly costs that leave customers impressed. The Fabletics are meant to motivate active and comfortable involvements during work outs or gym. At the store, customers are presented with the chance of choosing their best-preferred outfits and test the type of material that best suits them. The store allows customers the ample time to test out their choice outfits, range of colors and styles. The store considers allowing customers to make their own decisions without having to alter their decisions.


Fabletics has introduced the VIP subscription features


The firm has launched an internet catalog that will present customers with membership shopping VIP discounts. This feature will allow customers to pre-order their outfits online and later get the shipment of their goods. Customers who register for the VIP service pay monthly subscriptions at discounted prices. Fabletics has great social media recognition, and customers can contact the store on its face book handle; at Fabletics.

Why Paul Mampilly Is The Go-to Person For Investment Advice

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Paul Mampilly

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