Vinny Parascandola: An Exceptional Role Model For Young Finance Professionals

As a global insurance and financial services company, AXA has offices worldwide. Wile based in Paris, France, the firm has branches in North America, Mexico, the U.K., Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie, the global firm was renamed AXA in 1985, which is not an acronym, the name is simply universally easy to pronounce.

In 2008, AXA created the AXA Research Fund, a scientific philanthropy initiative, to study risks, including climate change, pandemics, sociopolitical risks and more. By awarding grants to researchers in 33 countries, the AXA Research Fund’s goal to to enable researchers to find new solutions to society’s pressing challenges. To date, the fund has supported 492 projects.

Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors in New York, Vincent Parascandola, known as Vinny, is typical of the committed and focused employees that AXA hires each year. One of Vinny Parascandola’s duties is to recruit financial professionals, along with training and mentoring approximately 225 employees in the Central New Jersey area. Parascandola has been with AXA US since 2005, holding various executive positions, including President of the Advantage Group, which was established to attract experienced professionals to work for AXA.

Prior to working for AXA, Parascandola held multiple positions at the MONY Group, moving up from sales manager to field vice president, establishing himself as a person worthy of promotions. A past winner of GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards, and as a member, Parascandola exemplifies the association’s emphasis on professional development and leadership skills. More information available on his crunchbase page.


Roberto Santiago Makes Manaira the Heartbeat of Entertainment in Paraiba

Roberto Santiago is no new name in the town of Joao Pessoa, where he was born. Roberto Santiago managed to build an iconic Shopping Mall, Manaira Shopping Center, from scratch to becoming one of the most visited tourist attractions on the northern side of Joao Pessoa.

At 58 years, Roberto Santiago now enjoys the fruit of an empire he started building in 1989 on Facebook. In his mind, he wanted to establish more than just a mall—he wanted his shopping center to double up as an entertainment and leisure destination. His major target was local and traveling families looking for a lovely place to stock up and unwind.

Part of Roberto Santiago’s genius was in the planning of the mall itself. He made sure he chose a location that was strategic for business and one that would pull in visitors year-round. He thus made the decision to establish Manaira Shopping center on beside the beautiful beaches of Paraiba, a landmark attraction that brings visitors to Joao Pessoa.

Initially, his business launched as a simple shopping center selling convenient items to clients. However, Roberto Santiago always held a vision of expanding the premise to what is now a total of 280 stores and an additional 75,000m2 of rental space. The mall overlooks the pristine turquoise waters of the Paraiba beaches with the enchanting sunsets of Joao Pessoa offering a spectacular backdrop.

If you are looking for a great place to catch a movie while waiting on a friend, Manaira Shopping Center is the place to be. Inside the shopping center are about 11 rooms dedicated to film entertainment on The rooms are well furnished, air conditioned and packed with an amazing sound system to make your movie experience unforgettable. If you enjoying bowling with family, Roberto made sure everything is modern and digitized to help you and family bond while trying to beat each other’s scores.

To top it off, Roberto Santiago made sure you have a chance of experiencing authentic Paraiba Cuisine via the finest gourmet chefs. Espaco Gourmet is just one of those fine restaurants within the vicinity that will serve you the best delicacies in a warm ambient environment. There is a food court as well where you can catch quick snacks like burgers, chips or soft drinks.

One other great way to experience Roberto’s genius is visiting the mall at night when the entire place is lit with Music. Manaira Shopping center hosts some of the biggest music entertainment events in Paraiba, with the likes of Erasmo Carlos wooing the crowds with his vocals. Roberto Santiago is also behind the Mangabeira Shopping mall which he opened later in 2014.

Michael Zomber: Successful Historical Fiction Author

Michael Zomber is a well-known historical fiction author from Washington D.C. He holds a master’s degree in English Literature and bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Psychology. Zomber is known for using authentic characters, settings and facts in his stories.

Zomber has published several novels, including the following series:

Son of Kentucky: The series starts with the story of a poor tobacco farmer in Kentucky named Josiah Johnson, and it takes place before the Civil War. Josiah must face conflict after he sticks to his morals and refuses to use slave labor. Son of Kentucky takes place 50 years before Sweet Betsy That’s Me.

Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War: The second book of the series tells the story of young Betsy Johnson. It starts when her father comes home after being wounded in the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. Betsy shares her views on the war, religion, slavery and President Lincoln.

Sweet Betsy: A Female Lawman in the New Mexico Territory: The third book of the series follows Betsy Johnson into womanhood. Betsy defends a young black man by killing a Klansman, and this action changes the life of both her and her daughter. She takes her daughter from Kentucky to New Mexico in hopes of starting a new life. They make a new life in a town that is progressing towards equal rights for all.

Zomber recently released a documentary known as Soul of the Samurai through Cinema Guild. The documentary is based on life in ancient Japan, which was full of tradition, honor and violence. It tells the story of the Samurai and their code of honor known as Bushido, and it gives viewers an inside look at the Samurai sword. Soul of the Samurai is filmed using Japanese woodblock prints and 3D animation.

You can learn more about Michael Zomber by visiting his official Facebook page. The posts include videos of Zomber, recent interviews and links to his publications. You can also find photographs of Zomber and cover art of his novels.

Michael Zomber uses his love for history and antique weapons to create successful publications and documentaries.

WEN By Chaz Around For 24 Years Now And Still Re-Building Beautiful Hair

As women, most of us spend tons of time trying to get our hair to look its best.

Who wants a bad hair day?

Many of us get sucked into the QVC commercials, watching women washing their hair with these huge, lather-building shampoos. We figure, the bigger the sudsy action, the better for our mane.

Wrong, says Chaz Dean, the famous Hollywood stylist with a long list of star clients with fabulous tresses. The veteran hair guru understands the inside and outside of every hair strand, and he knows the dirty, little secret most shampoo/conditioner brands are hiding.

These drugstore hair care products include sulfates and other damaging chemicals in their formulas. Over time, these sulfate-laden shampoos begin weakening the hair and stripping strands of their natural oils. In other words, these big lathers are doing you zero favors, ladies.

Chaz Dean created WEN Hair to give women around the world a healthy cleansing alternative. His no lather shampoo concept has stood the test of time, and Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his elite clientele for 24 years now. That says plenty about the quality of his hair care line and the integrity behind the brand.

WEN’s famous cleansing conditioners safely and effectively wash, nourish and condition any type of hair found on the planet. If your mane is damaged from heat styling tools or chemical treatments, you will re-build strength, body and shine. WEN By Chaz products perform amazingly without the inclusion of sodium lauryl sulfate.

These unique cleansing conditioners smell divinely and come in a variety of blends. Sweet Almond Mint is super popular with WEN fans and contains healthy ingredients from nature, like wild cherry bark extract, rosemary leaf extract and others.

Your hair will fall in love with WEN. For more details, please visit

Source: Wikipedia

Let Ignition Financial Refinance Your Car And Protect It Too

Buying a car is an entire process that may take days or even weeks of going back and forth to the car dealership before a decision is finally made about the car you’re going to purchase. The biggest issue is the financing, which is necessary when you don’t have the entire amount of money to pay for the car at once, and this is very typical of most people buying a car. Many have to deal with financing their car, but you don’t have to deal with high monthly payments, even if you’ve been making high payments for months or even years.


You want to consider the possibility of refinancing your car because it can save you so much money on a monthly basis. The best decision is to refinance with Ignition Financial because of their vast amount of experience in refinancing cars as well as the fact that they work with different loan companies who want to be your financier. Having so many different options for financing is always a great thing because it means that they will all compete to give you the best price, and you can find yourself getting a loan that is a lot better than the one you started with when you bought your car.


Another reason why Ignition Financial is best when you want to refinance your car is because they have different coverages that will ultimately help you save a lot more money in case anything happens to your car. Although you are required to have full coverage insurance for your car, your insurance company won’t totally cover your loan if your car is totaled, stolen, or if any damages occur that are not within their coverage. You may need a sort of gap coverage, so the ‘slash my payments’ people at Ignition Financial can help.


When you choose to sign up for refinancing, it’s likely that you didn’t know that Ignition Financial could also help to protect your car as well. Get coverage that helps to pay off the loan on your vehicle, which won’t be covered by your insurance company. Damage to your wheels and tires can be covered if there are ever road hazards, and even vehicle repairs that are very expensive can be covered as well when you purchase coverage from Ignition Financial that’s affordable and will be able to protect your car in every way.