The Water Safety Statement as Issued by The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

After the recent outpour of snowstorms, Squaw Valley gave out its uppermost mountain region for skiing, regardless of concerns that, the drinking water found at the Gold Coast and High Camp regions of the ski park was unsafe for consumption.

“The Environmental Health of Placer County and Squaw Valley Resort have been working together regarding the issue of bacterial contamination in the Squaw Valley’s water wells that have affected the upper areas of the mountain,” said Wesley Nicks, the Environmental Health Director of Placer County through an email. “We have given Squaw Valley the go-ahead to open the uppermost area of the mountain in such a manner that public health will be protected and skies allowed to enter and have fun at the facilities,” he added.

It was reported on that the deal included serving pre-packaged water and food only, and putting notices to inform the skies.

The Squaw Valley’s Director of Public Relations, Lies Kenney failed to return the Sun’s call seeking remarks for this development. Instead, he gave the following email statement:
“Throughout the summer season, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows carried an extensive upgrade of water system towels that serve the Gold Coast and High Camp facilities of Squaw Valley. So as to match the very newest design standards on, the current well-head appliance was moved from vaults below the service to guarded well-houses above the ground, and new water supply pipes were installed so as to minimize the intrusion risk of surface water. After the certification, test, and return to service of the water system, the region got a precipitation of 9.5 inches over a period of 72 hours. With the heavy precipitation, water engineers and professionals have demanded supplemental water sample for testing.”

The statement also quoted the District General Manager of Squaw Valley’ Public Service, Mike Geary saying, “With the recent completion of updated water distribution and supply systems at Squaw Valley, and the subsequent significantly higher rainfall, these aftereffects are expected.” See:

Neither Geary nor Kenney responded immediately to phone calls seeking extra comment and information about this story.

Dean Marsh, from Sauers Engineering, a company that executed the upgrade of the water system told Sun that he is very sure that the problem and the system design have no relationship whatsoever. He refused to give additional details.

According to the Placer County, they currently do not know how much longer the process of testing will take before they declare the water safe for drinking again.

“They take and test samples of water on a daily basis,” the Placer County’s Director forPublic Relations Robert Miller stated through an email. “We will lift the ban immediately after the tests affirm the water free from bacteria and can be used for drinking.”

“But we cannot speculate how much longer that will take,” he said. “They will just keep on testing until they confirm the water safety.”

“Our customers’ safety is very crucial to us, and we have treated this issue with the seriousness it deserves, just like all other safety issues in our resort. Even during the upgrade of the water systems, our guests will still have full and normal access to Gold Coast and High Camp, and will be provided with bottled drinking water and pre-packed food”, the Environmental Health of Placer County and Squaw Valley Resort stated.

Ignition Financial, A Texas-based Automotive Refinance Loan Provider


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Apart from the auto refinancing, Ignition Financial provides affordable covers for the cars that may not be available for most insurance companies. They are renowned for covering the damage to the tires and wheels caused by road accidents. Additionally, they cover the expensive repair of vehicles as well as a cover for stolen and totaled vehicles. Ignition Financial also assists in filling the paperwork involved in the auto loan process. They have a team of qualified experts who offer their guidance on the application for the financing through the FedEx or online.



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How Young Entrepreneur Billy McFarland Built His Startups

While there are some same-age people who are still trying to find their place in this world, Billy McFarland already created his company called Magnises at the age of 23.

Before the Conception of the Companies

Although Billy was born in the city of New York, his parents relocated to New Jersey, specifically in Stoats Hill, to raise their family there. Even before he began going to the University, his mind was already into building his own business in the future. As a matter of fact, when McFarland was 13 years old, he indeed established the first of the many companies he will produce in his lifetime. The main idea regarding the said trade was to help various designers connect to more consumers.

The young entrepreneur did go to college, particularly at Bucknell University, yet he dropped out when he was taking up computer engineering.


The amount of knowledge he had about computers did not get wasted even if he discarded schooling altogether, for he was able to build Spling, a digital platform that gives diverse web owners the opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their URLs by changing the normal texts into beautiful graphics. A couple of clients that the company can largely speak of are Universal and Discovery.


Magnises is the startup company that brought Billy McFarland a lot of recognition since the past year when he launched it. The concept that prevails in this business is unique, for his mission is to assist young adults like himself in experiencing the luxurious nightlife in cities at a much affordable rate.

When people sign up for a Magnises membership, they obtain a black card that lets them avail discounts in restaurants or become VIP guests in the hottest nightclubs, parties, or performances that are taking place downtown. According to Billy McFarland, they are looking into teaming up with different brand at the moment, but the selection process may take a while as they wish to bring aboard the ones that share their goals.

According to The Guardian, the business flourishes quite well that Billy McFaraland and his team were capable of moving the Magnises headquarters into a post penthouse at the Lower East Side.

Handy Thrives After Tough Early Years

The tale of Handy is one of the greatest biographies in the startup world. Handy was the brainchild of Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. The two put together a nifty little app designed to assist people in need of apartment cleaning NYC and other home services to find affordable and reputable freelancers. The freelancers gained a lot from the launch of Handy. Many have been able to make a good living thanks to the revenues generated from their bookings. The actual number of bookings is incredible. 28 Handy offices exist in the United States and they are located in major cities. Bookings through these offices generate about $1 million in gross revenues per week. Such a figure is a staggering one.

Upon first hearing this news of booking success, a gut reaction would likely be that the company was an immediate hit from day one. As much as the founders of the company wish this was the case, the reality was quite different. The company struggled in the same way many other startups struggled. Cash flow is always going to be limited until a solid client base is built up and a brand is properly established. Handy had to navigate such issues just like all the other companies in existence. has been able to raise a massive amount of enthusiastic venture capital funds. Millions upon millions of dollars were funneled from investors to Handy. This occurred at a time when serious fears existed about venture capital firms cutting off startups. Handy continued to receive enough venture capital to thrive even when a lot of bugs existed with the onboarding — online hiring — process for freelancers.

Handy clearly was able to navigate the rough waters of launching a startup and has ended up thriving magnificently. Handy is going to be a talked about startup for years to come.

The Brunswick Culprits

On October 7, 2015, the New Brunswick Police Department of New Jersey responded to a shooting that occurred in the premises of the New Brunswick Apartments complex. At approximately 9:30 p.m., gun shots were heard throughout the premises of the apartment complex. One person was wounded by the bullets and immediately taken to the hospital via an alleged black Honda model vehicle. It is not the first time such gun shooting incidents occur in the New Brunswick complex located at 33 Commercial Avenue in the first ward. No fatalities were reported as the gunshot victim had no apparent life-threatening wounds. The New Brunswick Police Department continued their investigation immediately following the incident. “An individual walked into [Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital] a short time after with a non-life threatening gun shot wound,” stated Captain JT Miller of the New Brunswick Police Department.

On May 7, 2013, a pizza delivery man was assaulted outside a residence in the N building of a Quincy Circle complex. The victim was followed by three male suspects after attempting to make a routine pizza delivery. The victim was robbed of his wallet and pizza while being held at gun point to the head. The suspects then fled in a dark colored mini van, stated eyewitnesses. The South Brunswick Police Department has charged 21 year old Parysh Wood, also known as “Pistol”. Parysh Wood was allegedly the ring leader of the suspect crew on the night of the robbery. As stated by Detective Ron Seaman, of the New Brunswick Police Department, cell phone towers around the proximity of the incident picked up Parysh Woods’ cell phone and records around the same time the robbery occurred. The suspect was held under $100,000 bail at the Middlesex County Correction Center.

Chief Raymond Hayducka stated, “violent crime is low in our community, but when it takes place we will pursue all leads to solve it.This case was solved four months after the crime because investigators did not give up. In this digital age many criminals leave a footprint, which we just need to find.” Both the South River and the New Brunswick Police Departments have joined forces in hopes of bringing all suspects to justice and in attempts to send across a clear message that crimes like these will not be tolerated or brushed under the rug, according to the police staff handling the investigation with the help of eyewitnesses.

Cleaning your online reputation safely

In personal branding, online reputation management cannot be overstated. In a news article about how to wipe your online presence to default mode, the focus is more on why you may need to do that. Employers today look at your digital footprint before hiring you. If you believe that your digital footprint is unsavory and can be a target, then you may consider this option. Recently, firms like in this category are already posting steps on how to make your digital footprint disappear.

According to, several online reputation management companies are already offering the delete option or other control options. and are some of the solution providers under this category. The good thing about this services is that they ensure that you are treated fairly in job interviews and consideration for promotions. People with a history of swear languages, common among young social media users, are considered unstable by employers and may jeopardize your chances of a dream promotion or job. recommend that if you want to venture into politics, you may consider a serious overhaul of your online presence. Politics can be brutal, and even a single joke may be amplified out of proportion. This can affect your chances of election. More and more politicians, even at the lowest level are considering measured online posting. This is perhaps in response to the growing power of social media character assassination.

Sometimes you may not be interested in disappearing completely online, but you can either change your account names, details in a way that you can always dissociate yourself from that account. You can remove unwanted content. Sometimes you can use the same social media to defend yourself from malicious and defamatory posts.

Some of the solutions that are offered include deleting of online posts, deleting accounts, posting on your behalf, response to online attacks, changing account details, burying URLs, among others. The same services can be replicated on businesses, public figures, and other entities. However, you cannot try to keep your online presence private while still using tractable solutions notably search engine and media. It must be the starting point that you use anonymous surfing services.